X Factor's Cher Lloyd plans more swearing in her songs (because it's more mature!)

Cher Lloyd

X Factor's Cher Lloyd has said she plans more swearing in her songs, because it's apparently more mature!

The 18-year-old told DigitalSpy that her new album, out later this year, will be more for older listeners than for kids.

She explained: "I had a trip to LA not long ago and recorded some new songs. They're very much of the parental guidance sort, though!

"I'm not sure whether they'll be used anywhere, but I'm 18 now, so I can swear in my songs if I want to. I'm growing and I want to be that artist that I want."

Cher, who has spent the past week slagging pretty much everyone off in a bid to promote her single, also insisted she didn't worry about the sales of her tracks and records.

She added: "I don't care about the charts, I just want to make great music that I enjoy performing on stage and I'm proud of. The next album is going to be on another level!"

The teenager continued: "It feels like there's not enough of me [in the UK] yet - I want there to be more and more and more. I want to be stuck in people's heads so they can't get rid of me."

Oh joy.

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