X Factor's Alexandra Burke tried to adopt an African child last year!

Alexandra Burke

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has revealed she attempted to adopt an African child whilst working in the country last year.

In an interview with the Metro, Alex explained how she was left "gutted" when the family of the young lad refused to let her take him.

Fancy that...

The 'Elephant' singer spent last year working with the British-based Retrak charity, aiding street children in Africa.

"There was this boy called Brian that I was so close to adopting but his family wanted him back," Alex told the newspaper today.

"I was so prepared. I was literally like, 'I will take him right now!' I was like, 'I’m not leaving until I can get an answer on whether I can adopt him or not'."

The 23-year-old added: "It gave me a reality check. They took people off the streets. When I walked into the situation, it was young boys living in the slums. They were sniffing glue and petrol to keep warm.

"These were boys starting from the age of seven. I walked into the slums and it was the most horrible experience seeing what these kids go through mentally.

"It’s very mentally challenging for me to place in the corner of my mind. It wasn’t something that I could walk into and go 'Oh, OK'. I’m still thinking about it and this is months on."

Alex will be releasing her new single later next month.

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