X Factor rejects Twisted return with a new name as Kissabeat

Twisted X Factor 2011 d

X Factor rejects Twisted, who failed to make it through last year's auditions, are set to return as a three piece and with a new name.

Now called Kissabeat, the girls hit headlines after the judges split the four piece up during the 2011 series.

The panel told the Geordie beauties that Chrissie Pitt needed to go solo, which resulted in tears and some very dramatic scenes.

Various tabloid reports followed, with claims of bitterness from the other girls who hadn't made it.

But Katie Orrock, Paige Flaherty and Cheryl Moody, who are currently competing in another reality competition run by Starz TV, denied the claims.

22-year-old Katie told the Sunday Sun: “It was really hard for us at the time as there were so many lies printed in the papers and it was all edited on TV so badly. On the day we were so supportive of Chrissie but they didn’t show any of that.

“It’s been difficult trying to deal with that and trying to come back because people have given us a lot of stick so we just wanted to move on and start afresh. We started with a new name and we also concentrated on getting a new edgy dance sound.”

The girls are now hoping for success in another show after uploading a cover of Jessie’s J Domino, which you can watch below.

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