The Risk talk the upcoming X Factor 2012 live tour!

The Risk

X Factor finalists The Risk have spoken about the upcoming live tour, saying they're excited about getting the chance to sing to fans instead of cameras!

"The live shows were definitely more nerve-wracking," they said. "We're more comfortable performing now and we can perform to the crowd instead of the camera."

Charlie added: "We're at our best when we're performing to the crowd, that's why you start singing. Now we're doing the tour we can get everyone involved and have a party.

"We're so excited and can't wait to see all you fans and show you how much we've developed as a group.

"Its gonna be mental."

While the boys wouldn’t reveal what songs they would be performing, they teased their favourite performance from the live shows was Michael Jackson's thriller.

"It was when we were just formed again and it was great performance," they explained.

The X Factor 20112 live tour kicks off in Manchester at the end of this month.