X Factor's Marcus Collins still receiving racist and homophobic phone calls

Marcus Collins

X Factor 2011 runner up Marcus Collins has been plagued with yet more racist and homophobic phone calls, some months after the show ended.

It was reported last November that Marcus has been called “a disgusting n***er” during an abusive rant from a mystery caller to his mobile late one night.

“I’m still getting abusive calls," he said today. “I’ve been advised to change my number but I don’t see why I should. If I do it’s like they’ve won.

“I get them a few times a week and it’s usually when they’re drunk.

“They give me racist or homophobic abuse. Sometimes they say stuff about me and my boyfriend and other times they just breathe heavily down the phone.”

The Daily Star Sunday reports that Marcus has been advised to press charges by the police, but the singer insists he doesn't want to.

“I don’t want to give them the satisfaction," he explained. "Management advised me to bring in lawyers but I’d prefer to laugh it off. Sometimes they don’t even withhold their number.

“I’ve kept the voicemails so I have incriminating evidence on them.”

Marcus releases his debut album next month.

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