One Direction play 'ice prank' on Harry Styles for his birthday!

One Direction tour

One Direction played a birthday prank on Harry Styles last week, as the teenager turned 18 while the group toured America.

Unfortunately however due to the US' drinking laws, poor Harry has still yet to (legally) have a beer with his bandmates, so instead the boys played an "ice-cold practical joke" with the help of hotel staff.

“Harry’s bandmates were mischievously plotting something for his birthday for days," a source told the Daily Star today. “They asked hotel staff at the W hotel for ideas and toyed with booking a really large, hairy man to give him a special birthday massage.

“In the end they treated Harry to a really posh body massage and pranked him halfway through.

“They told the spa manager the plan and while Harry was chilling out, eyed closed, in the relaxation room, the lads ran in with four buckets of iced water and drenched him.

“Everyone was laughing as Harry nearly jumped out of his skin. He vowed he’d get them all back one day.”

The guys flew back to Blighty today, but will return to the States later this year when they release their debut album Up All Night.

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