Brit singer Matthew Raymond-Baker wins French X Factor final

X Factor 2011

We've been following the progress of British singer Matthew Raymond-Baker on The X Factor over in France for some time now. The language student had originally tried out for the show here in the UK, but after faling at bootcamp, decided to compete in the French version - and he went on to be crowned the winner last night!

We reported last week how Matthew had made the French X Factor final two and the 22-year-old was voted the winner in the final in France last night.

He said: "It is like a daydream and I don't really believe it.

"I woke up today and thought 'I won the X Factor last night'. It doesn't seem real."

He added: "I'm not going to pretend it didn't hurt when I was rejected from the UK competition - I cried on the way back on the Tube!"


While The X Factor bosses here may feel they missed something with the singer, Matt admitted that the French show is far less competitve than its UK counterpart.

He revealed: "In the UK you have to do three auditions before you even get through to see Simon Cowell. It is much easier in France as you only have one round before the judges.

"I also think I took the competition a lot less seriously and just entered it for a bit of fun."

The modest youngster continued: "I'm not the best singer in the world, believe me, but I just try really hard.

"I just had the aim to go one step further than I did in the UK, but it obviously worked out a lot better.

"I was just trying really, really hard to do my best."

Matthew will release his debut single in France this weekend, as part of his prize of a recording contract.