Paula Abdul says she was "excited" about her relationship with Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole and Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul has spoken out about Cheryl Cole's axe from The X Factor USA, seemingly not having a clue about what was going on! Speaking to the press on a recent trip to Singapore, Paula said she was unaware of the move but revealed she and Cheryl had been getting on fine at the auditions.

Paula commented on Cheryl's sack from the job: "This is all news to me. This apparently has captured the news while I was travelling so I’m just finding out things as you are. I don’t know whether this is true. You probably know more than I do."

Despite FOX executives reportedly dropped Cheryl due to her "lack of chemistry" with Paula, the choreographer didn't seem to agree.
“All I can tell you is that she is lovely, and I was really excited about the relationship and friendship we were forging," Paula told reporters.

"Regardless (of what happens), I’m looking forward to continuing that. She’s lovely.”

Meanwhile Cheryl's manager also spoke out at FOX's reasoning for dumping Cheryl, saying: "Cheryl [was] loving auditions and has found a new friend in Paula. They worked out pretty quickly that it's funny to annoy Simon, but even funnier if they gang up and do it together.

Cheryl is expected to be replaced on the show by current co-host Nicole Scherzinger.


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