The X Factor 2017 Bootcamp recap: Here are the latest arena audition results

Who has made it to the Six Chair Challenge? Catch up with the latest episode

Benji Matthews

Bootcamp continued on The X Factor 2017 tonight with more arena auditions from the likes of Sean and Conor Price, Berget Lewis and Georgina Panton - while there was even a marriage proposal!

Last night's show saw the 124 successful acts from the room auditions pitch up at The SSE Arena in Wembley for Bootcamp, where they faced two separate challenges.

Those who made it past the first round - group performances determined by the 'Wall of Songs' - returned to the stage to sing a second time, in front of an audience of 4,000 people.

Judges Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh had to collectively decide whether they would progress to the Six Chair Challenge.

While some hopefuls delivered performances worthy of a standing ovation, others faced difficulties with their song choices. Two were even sent home after bravely sharing their own original material.

But there was a happy moment for one rejected hopeful when they proposed to their partner - and left with a more important 'yes'.

Sean and Conor Price.
Sean and Conor Price.

Here's our recap of how it the latest arena auditions went down....

Sean and Conor Price (Yes) - First up were the Irish brothers, whose decision to play Madcon track 'Beggin' didn't go down well with Simon. The music supremo halted the performance halfway through, and said it was his "least favourite" of their efforts so far. When offered a second chance by Nicole, they tried Ed Sheeran's 'Sing', which managed to book them a place at the Six Chair Challenge. Sharon noted that "there's a lot to work with", but Simon thought he'd noticed the pair's 'Achilles' heel': "When they start getting nervous, they get faster and more manic."

SJ Hill (No) - Simon raised his halting hand again for SJ, complaining that his performance of Bonnie Raitt's 'I Can't Make You Love Me' was "just you, walking backwards and forwards, singing quite a similar version of the original". During the deliberation, Sharon remarked that the teaching assistant "just hasn't got it", and he was given his marching orders.

Jack Mason

Jack Mason (Yes) - With so many people making it to Bootcamp, we inevitably don't get to see all of them during the room auditions. One of the fresh faces tonight was 18-year-old Jack, who has made a name for himself locally in Aldershot by busking - and won another 4,000 fans at Wembley after his performance of James Brown's 'It's a Man's Man's Man's World' earned a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. "The public are going to root for him and love him, he's done well," Simon commented.

The Cutkelvins (Yes) - The Cutkelvins were another act that failed to impress Simon. After their take on Kool and the Gang's 'Get Down On It', he said: "I think what you're trying to do musically is so wrong at the moment". However, this time Nicole offered a defence: "I have to disagree, you made it so fresh, so relevant". Despite the disagreement, the judges unanimously decided they should continue in the competition.

Gary Barker (Yes) - Gary has been singing for 12 years, and said his arena audition was the "biggest performance of my life" so far. His performance of Chris Stapleton's 'Tennessee Whiskey' went down a storm, with Sharon commenting: "You would never think that man would have that voice." Louis added that he'd love to mentor Gary, saying: "I think he's brilliant".

Holly Tandy (Yes) - Holly is the youngest hopeful in this year's series, with her arena audition taking place on what was her 16th birthday. Sharon suggested that she might need more time to find herself musically, commenting: "She can sing, but she doesn't know what genre, or what she is." However, Nicole was a fan, commenting: "I'm really impressed, she's really courageous."

Sam Black (No) - Sam had a bit of a disaster in his group performance, and things didn't go any better for him solo. Simon hated his song choice - Del Shannon's 'Runaway' - remaking: "What do you do with that?"

Sam Black
Sam Black

Sam got a second chance to sing the track a cappella, but failed to change Simon's mind. Although Louis argued to put him through, the judges ultimately decided to send him home. The plasterer at least managed to turn the sad moment in to a happy one when he proposed to his girlfriend on stage, and she accepted. "At least I got one yes today," he smiled.

Berget Lewis (Yes) - Dutch soul sister Berget pledged to "sing from the heart" at Wembley, and chose Donny Hathaway track 'A Song For You' as a showcase for her powerful vocals. As the crowd gave her roaring cheers, Sharon told the other judges: "Nothing is forced, she doesn't wail because she knows she's gonna get applause." Louis added: "I think she's amazing." When informing Berget that she'd made it through, Sharon told her: "We feel that you are such a classy singer, there's such a beautiful voice on you."

Karen Kennedy (No) - Karen decided not to bring any of her family or friends to Bootcamp with her "in case I fail". That move may have been a bad omen for her, as the judges decided her performance of Tina Arena's 'Chains' wasn't good enough to keep her in the competition. "The issue we have is that she, I don't think, can compete with the people in her category," Simon claimed, while Sharon reckoned her song choice was "so dated".

Karen Kennedy
Karen Kennedy

Jordan Rabjohn (No) - Having survived the group round "by the skin of my teeth", Jordan chose another self-penned track for his arena audition. Entitled 'Souvenir', it was far less cheesy than his previous original, 'Mexico', but the judges didn't like it. "As soon as he started to sing the chorus, his vocals went south," Nicole observed. "It wasn't a good song." Simon agreed: "It was a terrible song". Backstage, Jordan himself acknowledged: "It wasn't my best performance."

El'tee (No) - Rapper El'tee also brought along his own track, 'Search and Seek', about his desire to find love. However, Simon interrupted, telling him: "I don't think your original songs are good enough at the moment, if you want my honest opinion." Sharon claimed: "He's just not ready for us." Nicole was conflicted, admitting she likes the Essex lad, but ultimately it fell to her to tell him that he wouldn't be progressing.

Benji Matthews (Yes) - Moments after watching Jordan and El'tee fail to make the cut, Benji - who covered Alicia Keys for his room audition - felt "sick" heading out on stage, as he had decided to risk singing a self-written track for the first time. He explained 'Sweet' as a love song inspired by EastEnders characters Mick and Linda Carter. Fortunately for Benji, his was the original song that finally landed with the judges. "We've loved him from the minute he came in," Sharon said. "He's a fantastic songwriter," praised Simon.

Georgina Panton.
Georgina Panton.

Georgina Panton (Yes) - She may have previously declared herself "the winner of The X Factor 2017", but Georgina appeared rather more nervous at the arena, claiming: "A no today… that would break me." She admitted that her voice had "got a hoarse", but despite this, her piano rendition of Beyoncé's 'Sweet Dreams' won another standing ovation from the judges.

Simon was amazed, gushing: "I've been waiting for that! Your control over the song there was absolutely spectacular. Your stage presence is amazing. You've been a little bit erratic at times, you've literally brought it together when it matters. We're excited."

There's more X Factor arena auditions next Saturday at 8.15pm on ITV, before the Six Chair Challenge begins next Sunday at 7.30pm.

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