Cheryl to return to The X Factor for judges' houses?


Cheryl will reportedly make a guest appearance on The X Factor 2017 at judges' houses.

The Fight For This Love hitmaker, who recently ruled out a full time return to the show, could join Simon Cowell to help pick his finalists.

Simon and new mum Cheryl could fly out to America with Simon's potential finalists next month.

A source said this weekend: "Simon is ecstatic at getting Cheryl back working with him again."

"They’ve had their ups and downs to say the least but he hugely respects her opinion," the insider told the Daily Mail. "He has been working on it for a while. He and Cheryl have been talking a lot over the last months...

"For Cheryl, this felt like the right way for her to make a return to the limelight after having Bear.

"She has the tough task of picking Simon’s final acts so the pressure is on and he is very much looking forward to the banter."

Simon previously dismissed the idea that Cheryl had been offered £500,000 to appear, saying: "that’s more than I would earn".

But he revealed they were in touch, explaining: “She got my number a couple of weeks ago, sent me a text, typical Cheryl, ‘How are you, miss you, love to talk to you’.

“I sent back a note, ‘Love to talk to you, let’s catch up’. Not a word back.

“But that doesn’t mean we’ve fallen out, it’s just our relationship.”

The X Factor judges' houses stages typically air in October on TV.

For now, The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday nights at 8PM on ITV with the auditions.

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