X Factor's Jahmene Douglas claims show 'fails to care for contestants'

The X Factor 2012 - Jahmene Douglas

Former X Factor finalist Jahmene Douglas has accused the show of failing to care for contestants once the series ends.

Jahmene finished The X Factor 2012 as runner up to James Arthur and recently spoke out about battling mental health issues.

In a chat with The Sun newspaper, Jahmene claimed that The X Factor failed to care for acts once the show finished each year.

"One thing I want to talk about, which people don’t touch on, is the aftermath of The X Factor," he said. “There’s no care for you, if you aren’t signed to Syco the show just doesn’t…there’s nothing for you after the show."

The X Factor 2012 Week 9 - Jahmene Douglas
Jahmene Douglas

Jahmene, who released a hit Number 1 album with RCA after X Factor, explained: “I came from witness protection to being watched by 15 million people a week, and there’s no one talking to you… there’s no therapist on the show, you’re just expected to cope.

“I think it is a problem that needs to be discussed, the mental health of contestants after the show.”

A spokesperson for The X Factor told the newspaper: "The welfare of The X Factor contestants is of utmost importance to the show. Support, including a psychologist if required, is provided throughout the series."

A Syco source added: “If Jahmene, or any other contestant reaches out, we are always there to offer support.”

Meanwhile, discussing his current wellbeing, Jahmene candidly confessed: "I won’t lie, I’m not in a better place, I’m in a more controlled place."

The X Factor 2012 Week 9 - Jahmene Douglas
Jahmene Douglas

He said: "You go in and out of things when you suffer with [mental health issues], it’s just a case of managing the emotions."

Jahmene went on: "I feel like me being honest it helps, especially in males as we just don’t speak out. Hopefully it’s a good way to tie it back.

"I’m working through things, all I need is for my music to be heard as that’s the way that I channel my energy, that’s my purpose in life, it’s the reason why I’m here. That’s what keeps me going."

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