X Factor's Honey G plans to bounce back from flop single with Missy Elliott duet


X Factor's Honey G is hoping to duet with Missy Elliott for her new single.

Last year's X Factor hopeful released her debut track last month, but it's fair to say it didn't set the charts alight.


The Honey G show made a tragic debut at Number 149 in the official charts.

In terms of past X Factor acts, it's a result that's pretty much off the scale.

Brother and sister duo Same Difference managed Number 100 with their song Shine On Forever while 2007 champ Leon Jackson enjoyed a relatively respectable Number 94 placing with Creative, two better than Eoghan Quigg who was Number 96 with his song 28,000 Friends in 2009.

However Honey G isn't one to give up.


"I really want to start collaborating with some US hip-hop artists like Missy Elliott," she declared this week.

And if Missy Elliott is busy, Honey G told the Daily Star newspaper other names on her wish list are the likes of Jay Z, Lil' Wayne, Timbaland, Alicia Keys and Mary J Blige.'

"I really see collaborating with a US hip-hop artist as the next step," Honey G explained.

She went on dismiss taking part in any other reality TV shows such as I'm A Celebrity or Big Brother.

"It's not going to be good for my street cred, my reputation," she said. "I want to perform globally, release and sell millions of records, and reality TV is not for me, I'm afraid.

"Big Brother, or the jungle, it's not for me."