X Factor's Honey G is one of the biggest flops in the show's history


X Factor's Honey G has become one of the show's biggest flops with her debut song.

Her single The Honey G Show was put out to download the Friday before Christmas and at first shot up to the Top 10 of the iTunes download chart.


However it was quickly apparent how small Honey G's fanbase is as the song dropped dramatically and ended up making its debut at Number 149 in the official charts.

In terms of past X Factor acts, it's a result that's pretty much off the scale.

Brother and sister duo Same Difference managed Number 100 with their song Shine On Forever while 2007 champ Leon Jackson enjoyed a relatively respectable Number 94 placing with Creative, two better than Eoghan Quigg who was Number 96 with his song 28,000 Friends in 2009.


But it's not *completely* bad news for Honey G.

Her Number 149 single isn't the worst ever chart result for an X Factor act: Series one winner Steve Brookstein's Fighting Butterflies peaked at Number 193 back in 2006, but then he also did get to Number 1 with another song.

Whether Honey G will be able to do better with a second track remains to be seen.

The former IT recruitment manager turned the UK's next Genuine Urban Artist told DigitalSpy last month, before last Friday's chart: "Believe it or not, one of the Syco producers has already written a second single and wants to release it in the New Year which is amazing.

"I have the backing of Syco and hopefully this will help in my next step in negotiating a record deal with them."

Honey G added of the potential second single: "I don't think there is a specific timescale - I think they are allowed to make two singles with me, and then if they make a third, they have to make an album."