Top stories of 2016: Celebrity Big Brother 'fakery', Honey G, David's dead and, err, gilets


With the New Year approaching it's time for our obligatory round up of the biggest stories of 2016.

Here we've collected the most read topics on our site from over the past twelve months, which includes a bit of everything from how to spell gilet to explosive reality telly moments.

Celebrity Big Brother 'fakery'

The Celebrity Big Brother 'fakery' scandal as the biggest topic on our site this last 12 months, after live feed from the Channel 5 show seemingly revealing the cast of celebs 'staging' a scene.

Honey G


She may not have won and her single may have flopped epic scale in the charts, but EVERYONE was talking about X Factor's Honey G. She was by far the most 'popular' of the acts according to our site stats, although clearly that notoriety didn't turn into record sales for the UK's next genuine urban artist.

David's dead

Tiffany Pollard's confusion over the tragic death of David Bowie and her fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemate David Gest has probably become one of the show's most iconic moments. Unfortunately, the mix up was in fact followed by the sad passing of David Gest shortly after the series.

The Voice UK shock exits

The Voice UK live shows started this year with a big shock as two of the twelve finalists dropped out just before the first show. Chloe Castro was ruled out due to medical reasons while there was a rather different explanation for Beth Morris' exit.

Gilet or Gillet?

So many people were left bemused by a spelling error on The Apprentice, with thousands wondering just how the word is meant to be written. For the record, it's gilet.

Matt Terry wins The X Factor


Below Honey G, the actual winner of The X Factor! Matt Terry's victory over Saara Aalto was another topic of huge interest and that's not surprising given how close it was. In the end, just 8% split the pair and Saara was in fact in the lead on Saturday night. Check out the full voting stats here.

Joel Dommett's sex tape

Everyone loves a good celebrity sex tape and Joel Dommett didn't shy away from speaking about his leaked Skype sex session which hit the internet. Needless to say, a LOT of people were interested in finding it...

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