X Factor winner Matt Terry wants to duet with Jessie J on his album


X Factor 2016 winner Matt Terry is hoping to duet with Jessie J on his debut album.

This year's champ has already penned his record deal with RCA Records and is looking forward to starting on his album.

And Matt says his ambition for a collaboration with Jessie J is "off the scale.

"Someone I've always wanted to watch [in concert] but never had the opportunity is Jessie J. I worship her and think she's amazing and I've not had the chance to see her live," Matt said.

He raved: "She's just, her vocals are incredible and I love when she goes up on sage how she talks to everybody and her connection with her music is unreal and I love that she writes it all.

"A collaboration with her is off the scale, a dream."

Earlier this week Matt vowed to work hard in order to avoid the 'curse' of The X Factor winner, with most being dropped just a year after their victories.

Matt said: “I don’t think the show is a curse, it’s all down to you and how hard you work.

“I plan on working extremely hard to be a successful artist, I would love to continue to be involved with X Factor and help future contestants.”

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Matt revealed he hoped to remain part of The X Factor family and even return to the show one day as a guest judge alongside mentor Nicole Scherzinger.

He told the tabloid: “We are so close and after our victory we will remain close and I’ll remain part of the family.

"We will see what I can do but to be at Judges’ Houses with her would be a dream, I will do what I can to help out.”

Matt's winners single When Christmas Comes Around is out now.

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