Rap Factor: Honey G wants to judge a 'rap version' of The X Factor


X Factor's Honey G is hoping to become the next Simon Cowell.

Fresh from the release of her debut single, Honey G is now wanting to launch her very own version of The X Factor.

"I'd be interested in doing a rap version of The X Factor like Rap Factor," she revealed this week.

Honey G would of course judge the show - but only after she had awards like MOBOs under her belt.

She said: "I'd like to be on the judging panel - I can definitely see myself doing that, but later on in my career after I've achieved things like winning MOBOs, the Mercury Prize, and got some platinum albums, and No.1 albums under my belt."

Chatting to DigitalSpy, Honey G went on to rubbish rumours of an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, saying she had much bigger things planned for now.

"There's no truth in me agreeing" she said. "They haven't contacted me directly - none of it is true, and I'm very busy launching my record deal, my merchandise and growing my career as an international rap artist."

The North Weezy rapper was eliminated at the Quarter Finals of this year's show and has said being signed by Simon has changed her life.

“It’s making my dreams come true. I’m ecstatic. I’ve never been this happy before in my life," said Honey G about her deal.

She told The Sun newspaper: “X Factor has completely turned my life around. It’s taken me from the gutter to this, a record deal offer. I’m so over the moon.”

And Honey G - who previously said she hoped to become as big as One Direction - is looking to one day win over the haters.

Honey G added: "I’ll say ‘Big up everyone who said I wasn’t gonna get a Mercury, big up everyone who said I wasn’t gonna get a MOBO, big up everyone who said I couldn’t have a No1 hit, big up everyone who said I couldn’t be a platinum selling artist.'"

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