Sharon Osbourne wasn't drunk on X Factor, just high... on life


Louis Walsh has insisted that Sharon Osbourne wasn't drunk on The X Factor this year.

Sharon's antics on the live shows got everyone talking, but Louis says she was just high - on life.

Speaking on Alan Carr’s 12 Stars of Christmas last night, Louis revealed he loved working with this year's judges and said: “I give this panel presents because I like them.”

He added: “I don’t know what I’m going to get Sharon though, because she’s got everything.”

Quizzed on whether or not he and Sharon were "p***ed" on the show, Louis told Alan: “We don’t drink at all. We never drink before the show. She’s not drunk, she’s just high. She’s happy.

“High on life."

Sharon previously hit out at claims she was drunk on the show, saying she was just having a "good time".

The music manager said: “It really p***es me off because, the thing is, this isn’t University Challenge. We’re in the music industry.

"You’re meant to have a good time, be entertained, have a laugh.

“Just because I’m not dead serious and on the ball like this it’s like, please, get a life."

She complained to The Sun newspaper: “Because somebody’s having a good time do they have to be drunk because you’re a sad f*** and need to get loaded to have a good time? I don’t.”

Sharon also explained she found the accusations of being drunk or even on drugs offensive due to family members who have recovered from addictions.

“It p***es me off because my family have been in and out of the programme and it’s been something I’ve fought for them for their whole lives and it’s like, ‘Nah, p*** off. Get a life!’” Sharon concluded.

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