X Factor's Honey G didn't actually write her own single

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Honey G has revealed she didn't actually write her debut single, out later this month.

Honey G confirmed on Sunday that she had been signed by Simon Cowell's record label and would release her first single in just a week's time.

She tweeted on Sunday night: "I am ecstatic to announce I have been Signed by SYCO, Simon Cowells record label and will be releasing my first single on 23rd December."

Honey G added in a video message to her fans: "I'm shooting the video this week, I'm so happy, I hope everyone goes out and buys the single and supports it... bring on the album!"

Speaking to X Factor host Dermot O'Leary after her performance on the show Honey said: “It felt wicked. I just want to plug my single that’s coming out on December 23 called The Honey G Show.

“Everyone’s got to go out and buy it and support the single. Honey G’s taking over. It’s Honey G time.”

Chatting on Thursday night from the set of her video shoot, Honey G confessed she didn't actually write her single.

"The track I'm going to be releasing is called The Honey G Show, it's basically a really fun track. It's really wicked," she said (via The Sun). "The writing in it has been amazing. It's the kind of track that could really catch on and give people Honey G mania.

"With regards to the actual track, I did some of the ad libs and I obviously wrote the H to the O stuff but the writing for the track has been really clever."

Meanwhile, Honey G teased that the music video would showcase some of her "own moves", having taken influence from a number of famous rappers.

"One of my key goals is to go global. I hope the music I'm coming into the game with is going to blow up just like Drake's music did," Honey G concluded.

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