X Factor 2016: Saara Aalto in talks to sign a record deal with her wedding on hold


Saara Aalto has put her wedding on hold to make it in the music industry.

Saara lost out to Matt Terry in this year's X Factor final on Sunday night after a shockingly close weekend of voting.

Just 4% split the final three on Saturday evening at the vote freeze when 5 After Midnight left in third place, and at the time Saara was in the lead.

But Matt was out on top come Sunday night and has already released his debut winner's single, When Christmas Comes Around.

However there is good news for fans of Saara as she's revealed talks for a record deal are underway.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Saara said her wedding to fiancée Meri was therefore on hold for the time being.

The Finnish singer explained: “[The wedding] is somewhere in the future not right now, we have some other things to do first…

“I’ve had so many meetings but it’s only been two days so it’s all very confusing at the moment but we’ve had very good meetings and very good plans.”

Honey G, who was mentored by Sharon Osbourne alongside Saara, had already picked up a deal with Simon Cowell's Syco label.

Saara said: "Honey G went from the competition a few weeks ago so they had time to do that and its only been two days for me.

"It takes time. After New Year we can see."

So watch this space, folks...

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