X Factor's Saara Aalto and Adam Lambert may work together on new music


Adam Lambert has said he and Saara Aalto could team up again following The X Factor 2016 final.

The pair performed together at Wembley Arena on Saturday night, singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody in an epic duet.

It saw Saara top the vote on the night although she couldn't quite hold on, toppled by eventual winner Matt Terry in Sunday's show.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Adam said he had "so much fun" with Saara and a proper collaboration could well be on the cards.

“She’s lovely it was so much fun. Sara is exactly what you see on camera… She’s sweet and down to earth. We had a great time," said the new Queen frontman. "You never know (about a collaboration)… we had such a lovely time together.”

And Adam had a message for Saara after he rose to fame after finishing second on American Idol in 2009.

He said: "When you make it to the final you’ve kind of won any way. I was the runner up when I was on Idol.

"You get to the end of a show like that you’ve sung every week so you’ve shown the country what you are capable of. There’s no losing.”

As it happens, those were comments apparently echoed by Saara ahead of the final.

According to Finnish press before the show at the weekend, Saara felt that finishing as runner up may actually be better for her.

She was quoted as saying by The Sun newspaper: "Coming second would be better than the number one spot, as it would mean having the freedom that the winner does not.”

As for what the future holds for Saara, watch this space...