XFactor 2016 voting figures: 6 key stats from this year's series

X Factor voting percentages 2016 confirmed


The X Factor 2016 voting figures are in and here are our six key findings.

You can see the full X Factor 2016 voting percentages here but if you just want the highlights, read on...

Matt topped most weeks

While it was true that all of the final four had topped at least one week, Matt dominated overall. He topped seven of the ten weeks, including the final, of course.


But he lost support as the show went on

Matt topped the vote with ease in the first three weeks but from there his support began to slip, despite there being fewer contestants. While he did continue to top the vote, he shared first place with Emily Middlemas in Week 4 and was only 1% ahead in Weeks 5 and 7. From there Saara took the lead until the final night.

Saara won Saturday's final night

At the vote freeze on Saturday night, Saara was on top of the poll but it was shockingly close. Just 4% split the final three as 5 After Midnight bowed out. It's the first time in X Factor history that the winner has changed over the weekend.

And she was NEVER bottom two

Saara appeared in three sing-offs but was in fact never in the bottom two of the main vote. The life-twist always saved someone below her, meaning without it Saara would have never actually been in a sing-off in the entire series.

Gifty Louise should be on the tour

Gifty was clearly unhappy with her exit from the show in Week 4 and she has every right to be. The judges sent her home ahead of 4 of Diamonds who were bottom of the public vote. What's more, the same thing happened to Relley C the week before: The judges saved 4 Of Diamonds who polled bottom of the viewer vote.

When 4 Of Diamonds did eventually boost themselves off the bottom spot in Week 5, they were then the ones to be voted off by the judges.


Honey G never had a chance

There were rumours that Honey G may have topped the vote one week (although these concerned only the phone votes) but in reality she never stood a chance. Honey never appeared in the Top 3 of any week and slowly slipped towards the bottom as acts were voted off.

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The show returns to ITV next year.

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