X Factor's Dermot O'Leary tells Saara Aalto's fans to hack votes to make her win!


Dermot O'Leary has cheekily encouraged Finnish fans of Saara Aalto to 'hack' the X Factor vote.

Dermot made the comments at Saara's homecoming gig in Finland on Monday, where he was stepping in for Sharon Osbourne.

"So listen, I know you guys can't vote but I just want to say if you send her big love this weekend then she will feel it, OK?" Dermot said.

He quipped (via The Sun newspaper): "Or hack some computers and then vote.


"You've gotta be good at that, you guys are so intelligent."

It was confirmed yesterday that Finnish votes had been getting through on the official viewer poll.

An ITV spokesperson has revealed to The Sun that votes from the country have been recorded, despite it being only those in the UK who are meant to be able to vote.

However, the spokesperson also said that the votes were so few that they amounted to "well under” one per cent and they had "not affected the outcome of any of the votes in the series".

That's not too surprising given the population of sparse Finland is around half of just London here in the UK.

Earlier this week it was reported that the singer's shock turnaround had prompted a look into voting figures to see if Finnish fans were using a 'loophole' to vote from outside the UK.

Although votes from the show's free mobile app are only meant to come from the UK, last year a method of casting votes from outside the country was revealed by fans of girl group 4th Impact.


A spokesperson for The X Factor confirmed they had looked into voting irregularities but there was no evidence of if changing the results.

"Our investigations have shown there is no evidence that the vote result is being affected by this activity, though we are continuing to monitor the situation," they said in a statement to the newspaper.

The X Factor final airs this Saturday and Sunday night at 8PM on ITV.

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