X Factor's Honey G quits interview after questions over how genuine she is


Honey G left a radio chat mid-interview this week following her X Factor exit.

Her manager supposedly called time on her feature with BBC Radio 1Xtra after being quizzed on how genuine she is.

Honey G, who left the show on Sunday night, was speaking to DJ Charlie Sloth who questioned the rapper over claims she was putting on an act.

He said (via the Daily Express): “I think it’s the mannerisms, going from being yourself and just a normal person to like going into character and being Honey G.

“Like the body language, some of terminology that you use. I think that people feel that you don’t use that in every day life and that’s where the conflict is. I don’t necessarily think it’s a race thing.”

Honey G responded: “Okay, understandable. Obviously, I think I’ve picked up street lingo in my life as I’ve grown up on the underground music scene.

“I think I’ve picked up street lingo and it’s been part of my diction, so it’s strange for people to say, ‘why are you acting like this or why are you speaking like this or why are you doing these mannerisms?’

“It’s something that’s been completely natural for me and that I’ve grown up with, so for someone to start an argument with me over that - it’s really strange for me and it puts me out of my comfort zone a bit.”

But the interview was apparently cut there, with Charlie reportedly telling listeners: “Honey G has left the building. Her manager has taken her out, didn't wan the interview to continue.

"The questions needed to be asked and I tried to do it in as fair a way as I could while keeping it light-hearted and fun. Unfortunately, the interview can’t continue, there you go.”

And he claimed: “Her manager was like, ‘get out!’. The manager shouted at me. I don’t know why you’re shouting at me, I’m just doing my job!”

A spokesperson for BBC 1Xtra said: "Charlie Sloth has a reputation for asking tough questions and it's a shame Honey G wasn't able to stick around to finish the segment."

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