X Factor 2016: Simon Cowell denies Honey G stage invasion was 'fake'


Simon Cowell has brushed off claims that tonight's X Factor stage invasion was a set up.

Around 3-5 pranksters made their way in front of cameras on The X Factor 2016 tonight during Honey G's performance.

The North Weezy rapper had just completed her latest song when she was joined on stage by the unwelcome guests.

Honey was seen singing a new mash up - chosen by Louis Walsh as part of the Louis Loves theme - made up of U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer mixed with Rick James' Super Freak.


At the end of Honey's performance, the judges began to give their feedback as usual before noticing something was wrong.

Cameras were quick to cut away as they focused on the judges looking stunned, before Simon Cowell himself got up on stage as security stormed in to take down the intruders.

"I thought that was part of the act for a second," Simon said.

"I was bit worried about that myself," confessed Honey G, who appeared rather flustered.

Simon replied: "This is what you do, you cause people to go a little crazy. I'm s sorry about that."

Some viewers however were quick to claim a conspiracy and accused the show of setting up the whole thing.

Speaking on the Xtra Factor, Simon insisted it was - unfortunately - genuine as he sighed: "Why is it always on our shows this craziness happens."

He added: "It was harmless, they got what they wanted it.

A 'behind the scenes' video of the prank has since appeared on Twitter revealing what was going on behind the cameras which us viewers didn't see.

The mobile phone footage appears to show around 3 to 5 prankster storming the stage, leaving security confused as they chased them around the set.

The X Factor 2016 continues live tonight on ITV with Louis Loves week.

Then on Sunday night at 8PM the latest results will see another act leave, as well as performances from Busted and Clean Bandit.

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