X Factor 2016: What song has Louis Walsh picked for Honey G this week?!


It's Louis Loves week on The X Factor 2016 this Saturday night and God knows what that means for the song choices...

Louis claimed to Dermot O'Leary last weekend that we'd get "the best music" with songs by Prince, Bowie and Adele, although what it means in reality remains to be seen.

Chatting on the Xtra Factor, Honey G dropped a few hints about what song she wanted Louis to pick for her.

"I'd really like to do Eminem 8 Mile," she declared. "I'm not sure if he'll choose it... but we can always see what he says!"


Well, it turns out, he said no. Instead, Louis has chosen MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This for Honey G this week.

For the first time this year, Honey G was in the sing off last week weekend, surviving thanks to the judges including Louis after performing against Ryan Lawrie.

Despite the knock back, Honey G is confident that she could still make the final.

"I knew I had to deliver the goods and that's just what I did," Honey G said of her sing off performance. "Obviously I was nervous about being in the bottom two.

She continued: "I've still got my eye on the prize, I'm a fighter, I've always been a fighter and I'm determined to fight my way into the final."

As for why she may have been in the sing off this week, Honey G suggested: "The track I did this week I think was slightly different tempo it wasn't as upbeat as I've been doing each week. It may not have been the right track for me."

As well as having to cope with Louis having say on the song choices this week, for the first time this year, each act will be singing TWICE.

The top five will each take on two brand new songs next Saturday night as the competition heats up.


Saara Aalto was very happy with the news, telling Xtra Factor: "I think I love it, it's good to show both sides so I think next week will be my week, the upbeat side and a ballad."

Meanwhile, Emily said (again) she was going to go uptempo - but then she has said that every week...

The X Factor 2016 airs this Saturday and Sunday night at 8PM on ITV.

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