X Factor 2016: Ryan Lawrie reveals truth about 'miming' on the live shows after his exit


Ryan Lawrie has spoken out about claims of miming on The X Factor 2016 live shows.

Ryan was eliminated from this year's series on Sunday night against Honey G in the sing off, missing out on the Quarter Finals this weekend.

But speaking after his exit this week, Ryan said he was "really relieved" to be out.

He said: "I didn't want to leave [but] I feel like I left at the right time. I'm really happy I got that far and looking forward to the future. I expected it for so long, [so] a lot of has been pressure taken off my shoulders."

During his time on the show, Ryan was accused of miming during his performances but he says that did NOT happen.

However, Ryan did admit that the contestants got "support" from backing vocals.

"We have backing vocals on our tracks which is like on the choruses - during the choruses we have backing vocals," he said.

Speaking to DigitalSpy, Ryan explained: "Anyone who performs has that there, it just makes the performance more clear.

"When I was shaking during the song, when I was trying to get back up on stage, I did take the mic away from my mouth, and the backing vocals played through."

He insisted: "I wasn't miming though, it was completely live... [The backing vocals] are just there to support you a bit.

"The bigger the track, you have more because you need that support whenever you're singing. But I feel like when it's more stripped back [there's less]... There's none on the save me song."

So there's that cleared up then.

The X Factor is back this Saturday and Sunday night live on ITV.

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