X Factor 2016: Here's what's been going on in the house this week...


The competition is heating up on The X Factor and it's impacting life in contestants' house.

It's Week 7 of the competition, six acts remain but only five can make it through to the Quarter Finals.

It means those that are left are now focusing more and more on their performances at every moment they have.

Emily Middlemas spilled: "People are realising it’s a competition and they’re taking it more seriously.

“Before, we would all watch movies together, but no everyone is going to their rooms and rehearsing all the time. The house is so quiet.”


In a chat with Star magazine, Emily said that Honey G in particular was rehearsing “24/7” for her latest performance, a mega movie mash up.

But Emily insisted that there was nothing fake about the rapper, describing Honey G as a "just a normal person".

Meanwhile, Thursday night was date night for Emily and boyfriend Ryan Lawrie and after their failed attempt at a movie trip previously, they spent last week chowing down food at TGI Fridays.

And there's another new couple hanging around backstage after Saara's fiancee moved to England to support her on the show.

Saara said: "It's really helpful, I need to relax with her sometimes."

Of course not everyone has those they're close to with them in the house.

Matt Terry has confessed he's been feeling a bit homesick after seven weeks away from friends and family.

"Saturday and Sunday evenings are the only times I get to see them," he explained. "I've been feeling a bit sick so I really look forward to seeing them after the show.


"They're my biggest fans."

Elsewhere there's been drama between trio 5 After Midnight after one threatened to QUIT the show following tension between the group.

Matt, Emily, Ryan, Honey G, Saara and 5 After Midnight will all sing live tonight on The X Factor from 8PM on ITV.

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