X Factor 2016: Ryan Lawrie 'p***ed off' ahead of movies week


The X Factor 2016 contestant Ryan Lawrie has told fans he's "p***ed off" ahead of his next performance.

Ryan cryptically tweeted fans this morning ahead of rehearsals, after getting his new song choice.

"Not being able to be me, p***es me off," he tweeted, without further comment.

Fans were quick to encourage the singer, with one writing: "Stay true to yourself Ryan! Come out on stage and be comfortable in what your doing & if you go home at least you stayed real."

Another added: "Just smile, I love see you happy. You deserve the world."

Ryan has had a bit of a tough time on the X Factor this year, finding himself in the elimination zone FOUR times so far.

According to The Sun newspaper last month, Ryan felt that producers were 'doing all they can' to harm his chances, such as messing with his song choices, staging and running order.

However he's still in the competition and it was thanks to the judges at the weekend that he remains.

The panel's votes were tied in the sing off between Ryan and Samantha Lavery, resulting in her leaving after deadlock.

But Ryan then came under attack on the Xtra Factor from an angry caller.

They asked the judges: "Last night, we saw Ryan perform in a pub to 10 people. Is that going to be the same amount of records he'll sell if he ever releases an album?"

Ryan's mentor Nicole Scherzinger was quick to jump to his defence: "Excuse me? What kind of question is that? That's not very nice."

This weekend is Movies week and Ryan is the favourite to leave next.

The X Factor continues this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV at 8PM.

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