X Factor 2016: Sam Lavery blames exit on poor song choices


Samantha Lavery has suggested that simon Cowell's song choices were to blame for her X Factor exit.

Speaking after her elimination yesterday, Samantha admitted that she and mentor Simon struggled with song choices.

The teenager explained: "I think Simon didn't have connections with the songs - he couldn't find the right [ones].

"I think with the themes it makes it a lot harder to get the right song because it narrows down what you can do.It was just finding the right songs and I think had I got through I would have definitely done a more upbeat song just to show that different side."

Sam continued: "It is so hard with the voices… Emily got the same comments [about song choice] and we've got such distinctive voices it's so hard to find that right song - that is upbeat but still shows our voice.

"So it's really hard to find the right song. I definitely had a connection with Simon and it was so easy to work with him and the public and the audience - I had so much support."

On Saturday night, Sam came under criticism for her slower tempo cover of I Will Survive but she thinks it was a good move and described it as one of her favourite performances.

Sam told DigitalSpy: "Because it was disco, everyone expected big disco songs and if I'd done the original 'I Will Survive' it would have been said it was "too karaoke" or "too typical". So everyone expected me to do a big disco song, so I did what they didn't expect.

"I had fun with it and it was probably one of my favourite performances."

The X Factor 2016 continues Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.

Next week the top six acts will be performing songs with a Movies theme.

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