X Factor 2016: Honey G causes more fix claims after the latest results show


Honey G has caused more 'fix' claims after last nights X Factor 2016.

Yesterday saw the sixth X Factor 2016 results of the series as Samantha Lavery bowed out of the competition.

She was eliminated in the sing off against Ryan Lawrie with the bottom three life line vote twist axed this week.

After the latest gut-wrenching elimination, host Dermot O’Leary was joined on stage by the remaining six contestants to decide the next theme with the Jukebox once more.


Just a trio of selections were left with 80s, Movies and the one we're VERY looking forward to - Louis Loves (the Louis Walsh collection) - still available.

And the latest theme chosen by the Jukebox for next weekend was Movies.

However Honey G's quick declaration that she already had an "amazing track" ready had many claiming it was all set up, again.

“Yeah really really excited can’t wait, know I’ve got an amazing track lined up, it’s going to be sick," Honey G said of the new theme.

One viewer tweeted: "Honey G just proved the fix by saying she has a track lined up before the wheel was spun lmao #XFactor"

Another added: "How does honey g already know she's got a "amazing track" lined up for next week if they've only just spun the wheel? #XFactor #fix"

And a third agreed: "how does honey G know what shes singing next week already if it just got announced live?? hmmm FIX #XFactor"

Meanwhile, another viewer had an altogether different complaint.

They quipped: "What the point of asking @The_Honey_G what she thinks of the theme? She's just gonna sing her name #Xfactor"

The top six will each take on a brand new song next Saturday night as the competition heats up.


Perhaps in a bid to stop the fix claims, next week the Jukebox will get a makeover as viewer suggestions make their way into the random spinner.

Some of the ideas proposed include One Direction v Little Mix and, err, Shania Twain week.

The X Factor 2016 continues next Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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