X Factor 2016: Nicole Scherzinger rages at Xtra Factor caller after they slate Ryan Lawrie


Nicole Scherzinger clashed with a caller on the Xtra Factor live tonight.

Earlier we saw the sixth X Factor 2016 results of the series as Samantha Lavery bowed out of the competition.

She was eliminated in the sing off against Ryan Lawrie with the bottom three life line vote twist axed this week.

It was a bit of a surprise result with Ryan making his fourth appearance in the danger zone while it was Sam's second.

On the Xtra Factor, one caller wasn't happy and made their opinions known.

They complained: "On Saturday's show we saw Ryan perform in a pub to a crowd of 10 people, is that going to be how many records he's going to sell, if he ever release an album."

An angry Nicole snapped: "Excuse me?

"Why are you even on this show?

"What kind of question is that? That's not very nice," Nicole added before encouraging the crowd to chant Ryan's name in support.

Louis Walsh, who the question as actually aimed at, replied to the caller: "I think you're being very, very unfair on [Ryan].

"It's not very nice.

"He has the talent and he's a great, great worker and he keeps bouncing back."

You can watch the exchange, and all the other judges' questions from viewers, in the clip above from the Xtra Factor.

The X Factor continues at 8PM on ITV Saturday and Sunday nights.

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