X Factor 2016: Saara Aalto's girlfriend moves to England to help her "relax"


Saara Aalto has revealed her girlfriend has moved to England to support her on The X Factor.

And chatting on the Xtra Factor on Sunday, Saara said it wouldn't be a distraction but rather a way to relax.

"It's really helpful, I need to relax with her sometimes," Saara told hosts Rylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmondson.

It's after Saara avoided yet another sing off on Sunday night following a rather up and down time in the competition.


The Finnish singer has been in the bottom two three times now but a top performance in Disco week saw her win high praise from the judges.

Even if Saara does leave this weekend, she'll stay in the country for the live tour next year.

Which could be bad news for her girlfriend: Saara revealed earlier this month the pair were set to tie the knot after meeting during The Voice of Finland in 2012.

However, Saara admitted: "The wedding plans are on hold until after The X Factor."

Saara told The Sun newspaper: "She works as my manager in Finland. Well, assistant, manager, driver, stylist, promoter – she does everything for me, she is amazing.

"We met when I was on The Voice Of Finland and she was watching the show. She felt some kind of connection, so sent me a message through Facebook. We were friends at first but have been a couple for two years."

Speaking to the tabloid, Saara said that coming out to the public was a big step, especially in her native country.

She told the newspaper: "My family were very supportive but it was a very big thing for me to come out publicly because I was already known in Finland and I used to have a boyfriend, who was my producer.

"Nobody knew that I would be with a girl, but I don’t put labels on my sexuality.

Saara Alto
Saara Alto

"On my 28th birthday, I couldn’t keep it a secret any more, so I posted a picture of us together.

"We actually don’t have any female couples in the spotlight in Finland, so the whole country just went crazy!"

The X Factor is back next Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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