X Factor fans aren't happy with Honey G's actions in the latest group song


Honey G has angered X Factor fans again and it wasn't just because she avoiding the sing off once more.

Earlier tonight we saw the sixth X Factor 2016 results of the series as Samantha Lavery bowed out of the competition.

She was eliminated in the sing off against Ryan Lawrie with the bottom three life line vote twist axed this week.

There had been boos when Honey G was announced as safe by host Dermot O'Leary but it was her part in the group song that got people really angry.

The final seven contestants had performed a cover of Rise Up in honour of Remembrance Day but many felt that Honey G ruined the heartfelt song.

Which took some doing given that with the performance requiring actual singing Honey G didn't even get a line.

"Can't believe Honey G was waving her hands around like a cretin in a song which was clearly dedicated to Remembrance Day #XFactor," one viewer complained.

Another added: "#XFactor love or hate #HoneyG the lack of respect shown in the remembrance ballad is not okay 👎"

And a third agreed: "#honeyG didn't even participate in this group performance except silly moves which weren't appropriate for the song! #XFactor"

Meanwhile, Honey G surviving for yet another week got people even more annoyed.

"Someone needs to throw eggs at #HoneyG on #XFactor next Sunday in the result show if she goes through!" one X Factor fan suggested on Twitter.

"What the point of asking @The_Honey_G what she thinks of the theme? She's just gonna sing her name #Xfactor" said another after the Jukebox selected a Movies theme for next weekend.

The X Factor continues next Saturday and Sunday on ITV at 8PM.

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