The X Factor's live shows have a big problem with their song choices


The X Factor's live shows have a major song problem and it's seemingly getting worse and worse each year.

With X Factor's ratings falling for the live finals you'd like to think some changes would be a good idea.

But this year has seen the same tired song choices wheeled out time and time again.

This weekend is Disco week and every song due to be performed has appeared on The X Factor before.


Worse, more than half of the songs tonight are the exactly same as used on the show's previous disco week back in 2013.

Ryan Lawrie is performing Play That Funky Music as previously performed by Luke Friend, Emily Middlemas is repeating Tamera Foster with Wishing On A Star, Sam Lavery is doing an Abi Alton with I Will Survive and Saara Aaalto is following Sam Bailey With No More Tears.

These repetitive song choices are making the live shows come across as boring and lazy and this week's selection of tracks is only one example of many.

One song - Queen's Somebody To Love - has been used a total of eight times in the previous 12 series.

I'll Be There, Ain't No Mountain High Enough and Total Eclipse Of The Heart are more repeated songs, which had been performed more than five times before this year where they were all brought to the stage again.

Of course there are no doubt lots of legal, licensing and copyright issues in picking songs, but surely a show as big as The X Factor can muster up a handful of new covers each week?

If that is too much to ask, perhaps let the acts perform their own original music, which would be a nice change from the same covers year after year.

Please, just something different!

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