What's Honey G singing on X Factor 2016 tonight? She's set to surprise us all...


Honey G is planning to actually SING on The X Factor 2016 tonight.

It's Disco week and the UK's next genuine urban artist is set to up her game even more.

She said: "Each and every performance I'm doing I'm stepping it up, whether it's doing more lyrics or dance moves.

"I'm really looking forward to this week, it's going to be properly off the scale."

This week Honey G is performing Bee Gees Stayin' Alive for the Disco themed performances.

Honey G encouraged fans on Twitter: "Yo, yo, yo this is Honey G. I've just come out of my vocal coaching ...

"This weekend I'm going to be performing 'Stayin' Alive' by the Bee Gees so make sure you get ready to vote for Honey G to win The X Factor."

And in a chat with The Sun newspaper, Honey G revealed she was hoping to switch things up just like new US President Donald Trump.

It's after many viewers compared her surprise success to that of Trump's, following his shock win in the American election this week.

Honey G said: “Obviously, they’re associating me with the global leader type.

“To be associated with Trump and [Ed] Balls, the amount of tweets I saw with me and Trump in it yesterday, I thought, ‘What is the world coming to?’”

She continued: “The thing is, I think the whole X Factor game needs to be switched up.

“They have been waiting for someone to come in and switch it up for ages.”

The X Factor 2016 airs LIVE on ITV tonight from 8PM with the performances.

Then on Sunday night at 8PM the latest results will see another act leave, as well as performances from Olly Murs and Nathan Sykes.

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