X Factor 2016: 5 After Midnight reckon they're an 'edgy JLS'

5 After Midnight (previously 5AM)

5 After Midnight think they're a naughtier, edgier version of former X Factor runners up JLS.

The trio this week dismissed reports claiming that they were unhappy with comparisons to the former group.

Supposedly, 5 After Midnight felt JLS were "very cheesy and were overly manufactured" and didn't see being compared to them as a compliment.

A source blabbed to The Sun newspaper: “The boys are really getting bored of people comparing them to JLS, they don’t see it as a compliment at all.


However 5 After Midnight insisted they were "very flattered" by the comparisons.

But the boys claimed they were a bit more 'naughty' than the 2008 X Factor finalists.

Jordan said: "We haven't got any music out there yet so we can't say if we're different or better, but JLS have a squeaked-clean image."

Nathan added: "We're the naughtier version!"

Kieran suggested: "Not naughty - edgy."

The three piece have also had to dismiss rumours that they could split up after backstage rows.

Jordan assured fans last week: "We're going to have arguments no matter what. If you have a child, you're going to have an argument with that child, but it's because you love them! It's the same with housemates and workmates."

Kieran added: "It's never anything serious. It's just petty, like brothers."

And he concluded: "We're not going to split up. We entered this competition together, we'll go out of it together."

That said, the trio are still arguing over one thing: Who they'd like to duet with should they make the final.

Kieran wants to sing with Justin Timberlake, Jordan hopes to perform with Drake and Nathan reckons Usher would be perfect.

5 After Midnight
5 After Midnight

Get all three of them and it'd probably be the X Factor's best live performance yet...

For now, The X Factor 2016 is back this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV at 8PM with Disco week.

As well as new performances from the final seven acts, there will be guest appearances from Olly Murs and Nathan Sykes.

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