X Factor 2016: Matt Terry talks about 'getting closer' with Nicole Scherzinger


Matt Terry says he and Nicole Scherzinger have grown close on The X Factor 2016.

Nicole shocked Simon Cowell as she straddled Matt on last week's results show when he got through, and Matt admits he loves her flirting with him.

But then not many people wouldn't...

Chatting about working with Nicole, Matt said this week: "We've definitely got a lot closer over the past few weeks. I find it really easy to talk to her now and she's always there whenever I need her.

nicole matt terry

"She's always asks me if I have an needs or worries, she genuinely wants to help us. I have her personal assistant's number and if I ever need her, she calls right away.

"She's always popping round the house to see how we're getting on. She's trying to organise for me and Ryan to do a workout with her, which is pretty terrifying as she's in great shape."

Chatting with OK! magazine, Matt went to reveal how even he was shocked when Nicole flashed a bit of leg at him during one performance.

"When she flashed her thigh at me, I was in total shock - I didn't know where to look! It was just about the biggest compliment I could've got," he said. "I love it when Nicole flirts with me, it makes ll my friends jealous."

However Nicole is far from Matt's only female fan.

He revealed: "I've had a few indecent proposals on social media and recently a group of women turned up at the house and wanted me to sign their underwear.

Matt and Nicole
Matt and Nicole

"It's been crazy but I really appreciate all the support. My life has changed so much over the past few weeks but I'm trying to not let it go to my head."

The X Factor 2016 is back this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV at 8PM with Disco week.

As well as new performances from the final seven acts, there will be guest appearances from Olly Murs and Nathan Sykes.

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