X Factor's Honey G is NOT dead: Fans fooled over claims singer was 'killed in gang shooting'


Some fans of The X Factor's Honey G have paid their respects to the singer after a hoax report claimed she had died.

A fake news article began circulating earlier today, 'reporting' that Honey had been shot and killed in a gang war.

Although the story was fairly obviously made up - it claimed that Honey G had whipped out a gun and fired shots back at the 'gang' - some still fell for it.

"She wasn’t a good rapper but she is still human," one person wrote. “No person should of got what she got. Rip honey G!”

Others who did see the piece for what it was condemned the "sick joke".

Honey has yet to speak out over the strange 'news', instead focusing on her Disco song for Saturday night's live show.

Bizarrely, it's the second fake report in as many weeks claiming that a TV star had died.

Strictly Come Dancing's Brendan Cole found himself on the front pages of newspapers declared 'dead' after a similarly fake story.

A lot of effort went into the webpage, which had copied American news source CNN's logo.

"Ok...Very disturbing.." Brendan said in a tweet with a picture of the online hoax story. "I have just been informed that I am dead! Horrified & bemused."

It claimed that Brendan had "died in the early hours of Thursday morning" after being "rushed to hospital after Saturday night's show with a chest infection."


Brendan added: "Ps...I'm very much still alive! Holy S***!

The story went on to make the tabloids, leaving Brendan (rightly) outraged.

"this is disgusting! I cannot believe my 'very alive' eyes! This is not acceptable!" he wrote online.

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