X Factor 2016: Honey G 'has had enough' as her mum hits back


Honey G's mum has spoken out to reveal the truth behind her daughter on The X Factor.

Honey G - real name Anna Gilford - has proved this year's most controversial contestant, splitting audiences.

There have been claims that she's fake and Little Mix have even claimed Honey G's really an actress.

But Honey G's mum or 'Yvonne G', has revealed that her daughter's passion for music is all very much real.


"Honey has always been bright and gifted, competent at sport, studies, music, anything she does," she said this weekend.

Yvonne, who has been seen supporting Hone G in the audience each week, continued: "It’s been her dream to become a star, not because she seeks fame but because she wants people to understand her and appreciate her music."

She went on to slam the haters and said that Honey and her have 'had enough'.

"Leave my daughter alone and let the real judges, the public, have their say," Yvonne begged. "We've actually had enough of all this!"

Although Honey classes herself as a 'genuine urban artist', she in fact grew up in a rather leafy suburb of London, when to private school and is a fan of classical music.

Saying she was "very proud" of her daughter, Yvonne told the Daily Mail of Honey G: "She’s a beautiful girl, no one really sees it because she hides under her baseball cap and shades, that’s the image. And she has a warm, impulsive and infectious personality.


"People don’t always get her but if they can appreciate her music that’s a start."

The X Factor 2016 is back next Saturday and Sunday on ITV from 8PM.

It's a Girl band v Boy Band theme and there will be a guest performance from Robbie Williams.

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