What's Honey G singing on The X Factor 2016 tonight? Latest song list revealed!


Honey G's latest X Factor song has been revealed - what is she 'singing' tonight?

Well it's Boy Band v Girl Band theme and confident Honey G says she's 'in safe hands' on the show.

It was Gifty Louise who left in sunday night's X Factor 2016 results after the sing-off against Four of Diamonds.

Honey G sailed through and is cooking up big plans for her another big live performance.

Honey G is singing Kris Kross' Jump on The X Factor tonight and she's sure it'll prove a hit.

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Speaking on the Xtra Factor last Sunday, Honey G told hosts Ryaln Clark-Neal and Matt Edmondson: "People can say until they're blue in the face they're worried about me with Boy band v Girl band but I know this week, again, I'm quite confident I'm going to smash it again."

She revealed: "I'm going to get a good song, I know they're going to give me a great song, it's going to be well written, the production will probably be wicked as well."

And Honey G concluded: "I know I'm in safe hands."

However it seems that Honey G's backstage antics are grating on some of the other finalists, who feel she's getitng special treatment.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper this week, an insider claimed: "Honey G's ego is out of control at the moment, she is the only contestant who gets her own dressing room.

"Anything the G wants, the G gets. She only has to click her fingers for water and the production assistants are all over her. Everyone else has to fend for themselves."

The X Factor airs live tonight from 8PM on ITV.

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