Laura White signs a music deal eight years after X Factor appearance

Laura White

Laura White has revealed she's signed a new music deal eight years since her appearance on The X Factor.

We're still not quite over Laura's exit from the show back in 2008, leaving after falling into the bottom two against Ruth Lorenzo.

It was an unfortunate pairing with both girls super talented singers that frankly deserved to make the final.

After the show Laura did put out a single, You Should Have Known, which reached Number 32 in the charts.

Since then Laura has been song-writing for both herself and others and has released two self-funded EPs over the past few years. November 2013 saw her debut What My Mother Taught Me while earlier this year Laura released No.95.

Now Laura has finally signed a publishing deal and shares a label with Spice Girl Mel B.

"Today I signed my first publishing deal. Wow !! I am truly so happy, years of independent work took me to the place I am today," wrote Laura on Instagram. "My team is truly incredible and so support my artistry and writing.

"I thank god daily that my little diary carried me to such a deal and that people simply loved my old school music heart.

"Thank you to every single supporter, producer, writer, my house mates/friends in london, my Manchester friends who are home, my family who are my everything, my manager who is queen, the team at Luvlive, Rachey, Jakey.. All of you made me who I am today. I love you."

Laura, who was mentored by Cheryl on the show, continued: "The dream was to make my music and songs that will carry to the world and I've finally got that.. I started with a rucksack and a diary in a hostel and very empty little pubs in atherton at 15. 🙂 #comeonsongsssssss #musicheart"

She added: "PS I am SO proud to say I made it independently with no push and no big tv deal help.-my daily work and love of melody, lyric, words and believing in my voice created who I am today. X"

It's got us exited and while we wait for Laura's music, let's have a throw back to Laura on The X Factor live shows...

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