X Factor 2016: Louis Walsh becomes Honey G on Celebrity Juice


Louis Walsh has become Honey G in an appearance on Celebrity Juice.

In tonight's show on ITV2 at 10PM, Louis dons Honey's famous cap and glasses as he does his best impersonation of the rapper.

Speaking to host Keith Lemon about Honey G, Louis says she's "a really nice woman" and insists Honey G is NOT David Cameron dressed in a wig.

"She comes in to me and she takes off her glasses. She has a drink in my dressing room," he says.

"She's got nice eyes. That's her image and she stays in that image all the time. She's having the time of her life. Not everybody loves her, but that's fine!"

Elsewhere in the show, Louis discusses his 'year off' from The X Factor.

"Yeah I had a year off. Well I was actually sacked.." says Louis. "Yeah. It wasn’t a year off.

"They just don’t renew your contract."

Talking about his comeback this year, Louis said: "Simon called me. No honestly I like working with Simon because we have good fun but then when he employed Sharon back - I loved working with Sharon because she‘s such a great loose cannon!"

Celebrity Juice airs tonight, 10pm on ITV2

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