X Factor 2016: Samantha Lavery spills on Simon Cowell's "posh" son Eric


X Factor 2016 contestant Samantha Lavery has spilled on what Simon Cowell's son Eric is like

The music mogul has been spotted on the show with his little one behind the scenes and it seems Eric is a big fan of Sam in particular.

She revealed previously: "[Eric] came running up to me in the corridor the other day and told me I was his favourite!

"Eric's like a mini Simon - seeing them sit next to each other is scary, they're so alike!"

She added: "It's really sweet watching Simon with him, he's a great dad and you can tell he is very protective."

In a new interview, Sam has told how she and little Eric have since been bonding over Peppa Pig.

"Eric is literally my favourite person," she gushed to Reveal magazine. "He comes and sees me and we have in-depth conversations about Peppa Pig.

"I have a tiger ring I wear on the show and me and Eric call it 'Tim The Tiger'. It's our good luck charm. We have our own secret handshake, too."

And it seems as though Eric is growing up to be just like his dad.

Sam spilled: "He's the coolest little boy. I asked him where his daddy was the other day and he said, [in a well spoken accent], 'Oh he's in his dressing room', he's so posh, I love him."

The X Factor 2016 is back next Saturday and Sunday on ITV from 8PM.

It's a Girl band v Boy Band theme and there will be a guest performance from Robbie Williams.

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