X Factor 2016: Nicole Scherzinger doesn't like mentoring the "catty" girls


Nicole Scherzinger doesn't fear any competition from the girls on The X Factor 2016.

In fact, it turns out that Nicole shares Louis Walsh's fear of mentoring the ladies on the show.

While Louis loves a good boy band, he's openly admitted to not liking being in charge of girl groups.

And it seems Nicole feels very much the same way, going totally against 'girl power' and all that.

While Nicole didn't mention any names, the singer recalled how when she last had the girls category - made up of Abi Alton, Hannah Barrett and Tamera Foster - she found them difficult to manage.

“I always used to get so mad because Simon would take the girls from me, but then I had the girls and understand why I'm such a pain in the butt sometimes!" Nicole explained.

She said: "Us girls are a bit more fussy – we’re more catty.

"Boys are dogs. They don’t think as deep as we do.

"I hate to say it but boys are easier – they support each other.”

Speaking to new! magazine, Nicole said the girls posed "no threat" to her boys this year and seemed to laugh off Louis' groups category.

Asked which of the categories she was most worried about, Nicole replied: "Mrs O's without a doubt.

"Simon's no threat at all. Louis... God bless him! I might actually have to help Louis out.

"But Sharon's, she has the people with big voices and live experience - you put that together and it's explosive."

The X Factor 2016 live shows continue this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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