X Factor's Louisa Johnson still in touch with Rita Ora as she works on debut album


Louisa Johnson has revealed she's still in touch with mentor Rita Ora.

On ITV’s Lorraine earlier, the reigning X Factor champ discussed her upbringing, how her feet are still on the ground and why her new album is taking a little longer.

Talking to Lorraine Kelly about her X Factor performance on Sunday, Louisa admitted, “I was so nervous! I was really excited to be back as myself as an artist, but at the same time it brought back all the nerves of being judged… the panel were there and [I’m thinking] am I being judged or am I not?”

Speaking about her past singing experience before the show, Louisa opened up: “I’ve been singing since I was six or seven… This year has gone so quickly and when I performed on the show [The X Factor] since the live shows, it was exactly a year.

"Do I feel more confident? It’s difficult, when I was on the show, you do kind of have to follow the rules, and wear certain things, but now I’m just expressing myself. I am my own person and I am an artist and that is how I’ve always wanted to dress and how I’ve always wanted my songs to go. So now I’m finally being able to express myself. I’m so happy.”

On still being in touch with her former X Factor mentor Rita Ora, Louisa said, “We are in touch, but it is hard when we’re both so busy. She was wicked throughout and always said to me ‘just be yourself’ and ‘do what makes you happy’ which is obviously what I’m sticking too, so it was the best advice.”

Meanwhile, Louisa revealed her debut album wouldn't be out until 2017.

She explained: “Although the album is nearly finished…I don’t want to put an end to it just yet, I just want to keep going and finding new sounds and new things that could be of interest to me. I’m just kind of making it perfect, I don’t want to rush anything.”

She added, “It’s all my thoughts and feelings over the past few years in a CD!”

Lorraine airs weekday mornings on ITV.

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