X Factor's Johnny Robinson is looking VERY different nowadays


Former X Factor finalist Johnny Robinson has revealed a startling new look.

Johnny appeared on ITV's Loose Women today to reveal his new alter ego, Sarah Lee.

Johnny first auditioned for The X Factor in 2011 and went on to make it through to the live shows.

Although he often clashed with then judge Gary Barlow, Johnny made it as far as Week 5 and went on to make the live tour.

Now he performs his music as Sarah Lee after being 'banned' from doing so on The X Factor.

"It's just an extension of what I do as a performer," Johnny said of Sarah.

He said today: "They [X Factor producers] were impressed. I wanted to do this sort of look on the X Factor, but they wouldn't let me do it.

"They say you've got to do this one, you've got to do that one. I think I was more likely a bit too revolutionary for them."

Johnny has even released a single, a cover of Diana Ross' Eaten Alive, which is out now.

Meanwhile, chatting on the ITV show this afternoon, Johnny was quizzed about this year's token X Factor novelty act Honey G.

"Good luck to her. She's not everyone's cup of tea, but at the end of the day people are talking about her," he commented.