X Factor 2016: Gifty Louise blasts judges and "gimmicky" song choice after exit


Gifty Louise really isn't happy after leaving The X Factor 2016 last night.

Her face said it all when the talented singer made a shock exit in Sunday's results, leaving in the sing-off against Four Of Diamonds.

It was the group's second time in the sing-off in as many weeks but they were saved by the judges, while Ryan Lawrie was saved in the life line vote for a third time.

One of Gifty's gripes from the weekend was her song choice, a third Fifth Harmony song.


Gifty's covers of the X Factor USA girl group's tracks had viewers on Xtra Factor asking Simon if he was just using Gifty to make them happen.

"The song wasn't what I would have personally done," Gifty confessed today. "Another Fifth Harmony song? No, I wouldn't have done that. It's really cliché, [like] 'Do you like all the Syco artists?' It was gimmicky."

Those comments were echoed by Simon himself who said pretty much the same on Xtra Factor last night.

But song choice wasn't the only issue Gifty had with her time on the show at the weekend.

She accused the judges of conspiring to get her out, refusing to speak to her after the elimination and claimed she had more votes than Four Of Diamonds.

In an interview with DigitalSpy, Gifty said: "I'm really disappointed none of them said a word to me [when I left].

"I just went back to the house [after being voted out] and packed my stuff. Simon told me, 'You're going to be fine, babe'. I haven't really spoken to him."

She continued: "[I was disappointed the most by] Nicole. I personally think they planned to vote me out – so you know, it is weird really. I did hear Louis say to Sharon, 'vote Gifty out'. And everyone heard it.


"I think I would have stayed in the competition had it gone to Deadlock."

And Gifty accused: "I personally feel like they voted me out to get rid of the competition. They all voted me out – it's fine, I take it as a compliment. They want me out because they think I can beat their other artists. That's fine."

The X Factor is back next Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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