X Factor 2016: The PROOF that Honey G is actually REAL


There's been much speculation over whether or not The X Factor's Honey G is real or not.

But here's the proof that, yes, she really is a genuine urban artist.

Ever since Honey burst onto our screens in the first audition show of the series there have been claims that she's a joke act or an actress.

Or even, as some people are convinced, former Prime Minister David Cameron in a wig.


Honey G's real name is Anna Georgette Gilford and in her day job works as an IT recruitment manager.

But 'Honey G' has in fact been around for almost 20 YEARS.

That's right. Honey G began mixing in 1999 and in 2000 spent time performing at infamous summer party place Ayia Napa in Club Abbyss and Gas club.

Honey G then teamed up with MC Krazie Laydee as part of a duo called Female Phenomena who performed alongside Ms Dynamite, before Honey G finished as runner up in the 2002 Ministry of Sound National Student DJ Competition.

In 2013, Honey G released an album called Don't Try which one reviewer described as having a "transcendental quality" and showing a "landmark of musical expansion" by female DJs.

The 25-track record had been available to stream on Spotify and download on iTunes before the show, presumably since being pulled due to competition rules.

So under the assumption that Honey G hasn't been planning the world's most elaborate joke for almost two decades - and six years before The X Factor even begun - we're going to go to declare her 100% real.

Honey G's debut album
Honey G's debut album

Honey G herself said: "I have been a musician my whole life. I’m a heavyweight producer, I’m not a bedroom producer. I’m the finished article and I’m no different to the likes of Pharrell or Jay-Z.

"I find it quite insulting that people would think I am a novelty act, but maybe people have a problem with a white woman rapping."

The X Factor is back this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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