X Factor's Saara Aalto reveals her love of British spotted dick


X Factor 2016 contestant Saara Aalto has been trying out some British delicacies.

And it seems she has a taste for spotted dick.

The Finnish singer was challenged to test some famous British meals because... well, we've no idea why they made her to be honest. Just for the 'LOLs', we assume.

Among the dishes Saara tried were Toad In the Hole, Bubble and Squeak and her favourite, Spotted Dick.


"Spotted dick is a thumbs up for me," she said on the Xtra Factor. "I like it. They were so weird, what are those names?!

"Just what is a spotted dick? It was good!"

Getting back to the actual singing part of the show, Saara said she was keen to continue on impressing British viewers.

After spending the first two weeks in the sing off, Saara has since avoided the bottom three altogether.

Asked what she planned for Saturday night's Boyband v Girl band theme, Saara said: "I just have to top my previous performances, I just have to work so hard"

The X Factor 2016 is back next Saturday and Sunday on ITV from 8PM.

It's a Girl band v Boy Band theme and there will be a guest performance from Robbie Williams.

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