X Factor 2016: Ryan Lawrie 'thinks producers are trying to get him out'


Ryan Lawrie supposedly reckons that X Factor bosses want him out of the show.

The Scottish singer has been in the bottom three twice now but survived the axe both times thanks to the life line vote.

According to The Sun newspaper, Ryan feels that producers are 'doing all they can' to harm his chances, such as messing with his song choices, staging and running order.

"Ryan thinks producers want him gone," an insider claimed.

They revealed: “It’s actually quite sad to listen to him talk about it, he doesn’t say it angrily, he just can’t understand what he’s done wrong for them to want him to go.”

“Ryan just keeps saying: ‘I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, I don’t know why they want me to go.’"

The source said that Ryan has been particularly annoyed by not being able to choose the song he wants to perform.

The insider alleged: “What the public don’t see is he’s given a list of suggestions to choose from and if he chooses something they don’t like he is really discouraged by them – he’s too soft to stand his ground.”

This week is Halloween's Fright Night and Ryan is sure his time is up, no matter how hard he tries.

The source added: “He’s going to come out fighting and with any luck producers will [really] get behind him but he’s absolutely convinced he’ll be gone this week."

There may be some reprieve for Ryan however, with bookies making Saara Aalto and Four Of Diamonds the favourites this week.

The X Factor is on ITV from 8PM tonight and Sunday evening.